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Cranberry Sauce

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A quart of the ripe picked berries, stewed with as much water as will keep them from drying to the pan, closely covered; a pound of soft sugar must be added when the fruit is burst; boil half an hour after you add the sugar, and stir them well. When quite stewed enough, pour them into a basin or mould; When cold they will be jellied so as to turn out whole in the form of the mould. This jam is usually served with roasted venison, mutton and beef. It make rich ope-tarts, or can be served at tea table in glass plates, to eat with bread. The Indians attribute great medicinal virtues to the cranberrry, either cooked or raw. In the uncooke state, the berry is harsh and very astringent. They use it in dysentery, and also in applications as a oultice to wounds and inflammatory tumours, with great effect. Origin: The Canadian Settler's Guide, written in 1855. Shared by: Sharon Stevens ++_ End Stevens Recipe ++- Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 03-28-95