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Spring Creams with Gooseberry and Elderflower Compote

600 ml Double cream
1 Vanilla pods; split lengthways,
; up to 2
55 g Caster sugar
2 ts Powdered gelatin
2 tb Water

900 g Green gooseberries
2 Elderflower heads; up to 3
450 g Granulated sugar
600 ml Water

Gooseberry leaves
Whipped cream
Barbados sugar

You will need 6-8 moulds (90-125ml capacity), brushed with non-scented oil ~ sunflower or groundnut. First make the creams. Put the cream into a heavy-based saucepan with the vanilla pods and caster sugar. Put on a low heat and bring to the shivery stage.

Meanwhile "sponge" the gelatin in the water. Put the bowl in a saucepan of simmering water until the gelatin is dissolved. Add a little of the cream to the gelatin, then stir both mixtures together. Remove the vanilla pods then pour into the moulds. When cold, cover and refrigerate until set, preferably overnight.

To make the compote, top and tail and gooseberries. Tie the elderflower heads in a little square of muslin, put in a stainless steel or enamelled saucepan, add the sugar and cover with the water. Bring to the boil gently and simmer slowly for 2 minutes. Add the gooseberries and simmer just until the fruit bursts. Leave to get cold then remove the elderflowers.

To serve, put a large gooseberry leaf on a plate. Turn out a spring cream on to or beside the leaf and spoon a little of the compote on to the plate. Put a blob of whipped cream to the side and sprinkle the cream with Barbados sugar. Serve immediately.