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Strawberry Alaska

1/2 lb Strawberries; chopped
Strawberry jam 1 1/4 pt Strawberry ice cream

2 lg Large
50 g Caster sugar
50 g Plain flour
25 g Butter for greasing

4 Egg whites
150 g Caster sugar
2 ts Icing sugar

Line a bowl with cling film and fill with ice cream, leaving a hole in the centre for the chopped strawberries. Return to the freezer.

Make a sponge by whisking eggs and sugar until mixture has doubled in volume. Sift the flour and carefully fold into the egg mix. Spoon into a sandwich tin and bake. Cool then turn out.

Make the meringue in a clean, grease free bowl. Whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks then add the sugar carefully, whisking continuously until well incorporated. Finally add the sifted icing sugar. Place the cooled sponge onto a tray suitable for the oven and if necessary cut into size and shape.

Using a palette knife spread the jam on the sponge and place the ice cream on to the centre of the sponge, discard the cling film. Using a tablespoon or piping bag cover the ice cream and sponge with the meringue mix, dust with icing sugar and bake for 6 minutes. Serve immediately.