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African Vegetable Stew
African Vegetarian Stew
Algerian Couscous
Algerian Couscous
Antipasto in Bowl
Artichoke Hummus
Artichoke Shrimp and Garbanzo Salad
Baked Chickpeas
Baked Chickpeas
Baked Rice and Garbanzo Beans
Baked Two-bean Loaf
Bean and Basil Spread
Bean and Sesame Seed Spread (Hummus)
Bean Corn Side Dish
Bean Dish
Bean Guacamole
Bean Medley
Bean Pate with Citrus Salad
Bean Salad
Bean Salad Aspic
Bean Salad Plus Tuna Or Bacon
Beannut Butter
Beans and Pasta
Beans with Coconut Milk
Beanut Butter
Beef Stew
Besan Ladoo (Gram Flour Balls)
Bowl of the Wife of Kit Carson
Brown Rice Enchiladas with Goat Cheese, Black Beans and Salsa
Bulgur and Garbanzo Bean Pilaf
Bulgur Salad with Garbanzo Beans, Feta, and Plum Tomatoes
Bulgur-Chickpea Pilaf
Busy Day Bean Salad
Butterflies with Chickpeas
Calda Calda (Garbanzo Bean Pancake)
Calypso Pineapple Bean Pot
Caribbean Guisado
Casablanca Chicken
Casbah Couscous Salad
Ceci (Spicy Chickpeas)
Channa Kari (Curried Chickpeas)
Cheap and Easy Bean and Hominy Stew
Chicken Casablanca
Chicken Chili
Chicken Garbanzo Soup
Chickpea and Vegetable Stew with Couscous
Chickpea and Vegetable Stew with Couscous
Chickpea Curry (Chenna Dal)
Chickpea - Zucchini Curry
Chickpea a la King
Chickpea and Artichoke Heart Stew
Chickpea and Celery Salad with Cilantro
Chickpea and Couscous Salad
Chickpea and Escarole Soup
Chickpea and Garlic Puree
Chickpea and Goat Cheese Burgers
Chickpea and Green Bean Salad
Chickpea and Herb Salad
Chickpea and Mushroom Bake
Chickpea and Octopus Salad
Chickpea and Orzo Stuffed Bell Pepper
Chickpea and Pasta Soup
Chickpea and Red Pepper Dip
Chickpea And Roasted Red Pepper Dip
Chickpea and Spinach Curry
Chickpea and Spinach Curry with Soft Eggs
Chickpea and Spinach Soup
Chickpea and Sweet Potato Koftas
Chickpea and Tahini Dip
Chickpea and Wheat Sprout Salad
Chickpea and Yam Stew
Chickpea Bulgur and Tomato Pilaf
Chickpea Burgers
Chickpea Burgers
Chickpea Burgers
Chickpea Cassoulet with Tomatoes and Chard
Chickpea Couscous Croquettes
Chickpea Crackers
Chickpea Crunchies
Chickpea Curry
Chickpea Curry
Chickpea Curry Cooked Under Pressure
Chickpea Dal
Chickpea Dal
Chickpea Dal
Chickpea Dal (kabuli Chana Dal)
Chickpea Dumplings In Spicy Sauce - (Rajasthani Kadhi)
Chickpea Fries
Chickpea Fritters
Chickpea Fritters
Chickpea Fritters with Couscous
Chickpea Garlic and Parsley Dip
Chickpea Kofta
Chickpea Loaf
Chickpea Pancake
Chickpea Pasta with Parsley Pesto
Chickpea Pate
Chickpea Patties with Spicy Sauce