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Beans and Potatoes

2 c Dried pinto beans
3 lg Potatoes, peeled and
2 Stalks celery, chopped
Salt to taste
1 lg Sweet onion, sliced

Cook beans until tender. That's about 20 minutes in the pressure cooker (what a marvel of technology!). Obviously, a lot longer if you don't have one. You could use canned beans too, if you wanted to be quick about it.

Add potatoes and celery and cook until potatoes are tender. In the pressure cooker that takes anywhere from 2-8 minutes, depending how finely you chop the potatoes. I cut mine into large cubes and it took about 4 minutes (but I live at 5500, so adjust accordingly).

Salt to taste.

Saute onion until browned. Mix in with beans and potatoes.

If you like it hot, a shot or two of hot sauce would be good.:

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